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Our practitioners are in constant pursuit of leading technologies and treatments to continuously improve our services and provide you the most effective options available


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Since 2004 Next Step Physical Therapy has been involved in aquatic therapy to create astounding results in outpatient physical rehabilitation. Today we are recognized as innovators resulting from highly skilled physical therapists that provide a high level of care and treatment to individuals with a myriad of neuromuscular disorders, musculoskeletal and orthopedic conditions.

Our practitioners are in constant pursuit of leading technologies and treatments to continuously improve our services and provide you the most effective options available. Next Step spares no time or expense in searching for the finer diagnostic and treatment equipment available in the industry.

Being aquatic providers on behalf of larger rehabilitation institutions and local hospitals makes us proud and honored to be recognized as an organization that continues raise the bar in private outpatient rehabilitation.

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NextStep Physical Therapy, part of the Mynumi Group (pronounced 'my-new-me") has assembled a diverse array of personal professionals, and a fundamental, innovative system for  those needing help in improving their physical condition.  We are capable in providing care from injury rehabilitation to long-term maintenance exercise.


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