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It's very important that we protect the privacy of our patients. We have slightly modified certain client information to protect their privacy.

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Dear Next Step,

After my stroke I needed physical therapy. I remembered driving people to your clinic when I was a commercial driver and came to you because of all the good things I heard from your patients when I drove them there. Having my therapy in the pool was very helpful. Now I feel as though I have a new family and I would recommend you to anyone who needs physical therapy. Thanks again for all your help and friendship.

Cornell B.
Newark, NJ.


Dear Next Step gang,

I very seldom take the time to write letters about good things but I feel t is important to tell you how you have impacted my life. After my diagnosis I was numb from the news, I didn't know what this disease had in store for me. When my doctor told me I should find a warm pool and work with a good therapist, I was even more confused, but took his advice and by chance I found you.

I want to thank you for working so hard with me and helping me to take control of my condition. The experience from day one has been perfect and the assistance you gave me in researching Rheumatoid Arthritis really took the mystery out of it. I never thought I would get in a pool, but I am very fortunate I did and for that alone, I feel I owe you an eternity of gratitude. Without the pool I could have never broken the pain cycle and exercise enough to thrive as I do today. As you say, take everyday as it comes. I do, but under my control and for that, I thank you.


Sarah B.
Verona, New Jersey


Dear Joseph, Carla and Robert

I wanted to thank you all for the treatments you rendered and for the compassion
You all showed during my PT sessions. The doctors say that Fibromyalgia is with me forever but that I can manage it. The Land-based stretches Rob showed me have helped my pain more than you can imagine. By following his instructions I have gone from daily pain to occasional pain. That has restored my quality of life and that is was our goal. Just as important to me is that I was treated as a friend, not just a patient.

Thanks again,
Michele S
Montclair, NJ.


Dear Joe and Carla,

After my mastectomy I thought I would never have a pain free shoulder and chest. I figured I was just happy that they removed all the cancer and I should be happy enough for that. After visiting your place for the first time, I knew I had found the right place. Thank you for making my time there pleasant and productive every time.

I have to give you guys all the credit for my being pain free and having full use of my left arm. That was the icing on the cake and I truly love you all for helping me in so many ways. We need more caring folks like you in this world.

Love from my heart.

Carolyn R
Elizabeth, NJ


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