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Our practitioners are in constant pursuit of leading technologies and treatments to continuously improve our services and provide you the most effective options available


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This portal is our way of respecting your time by introducing ourselves at your convenience, instead of during the day when you have patients in exam rooms and people pulling from all directions.

Many patients have asked us "Why doesn't my doctor know about you?" The fact is, we have reached out to hundreds of local doctors, but with all the sales people driving your staff crazy, we understand how we may get lost in the mix. We are aware that as a physician you may have established trust and history with familiar therapists and facilities in the area. We have also established relationships with area clinics, hospitals and rehabilitation organizations, and would like to explain how you can refer your patients to us for aquatics without jeopardizing sensitive relationships. Please visit our area called the Co-care Alliance and you will understand how you can expand the patients' possibilities.

Over time we have found the common denominator among your patients is their absolute trust in you, their physician.  Our position is that we are an extension of your care.  Translated; we handle our business at peak performance because your reputation and your patients outcome depends on it.

Our referral network gives patients access to people with whom we have established referral trust for our patients. We have listened to feedback of our patients and based on their testimony of care, we can refer to them with the confidence of knowing they are in good hands.

Next Step Physical Therapy is an aquatic enhanced outpatient physical therapy clinic founded in 2004.  We are a private employee owned organization. We employ therapists who have practiced a minimum of 8 years in all examples of rehabilitation settings.


How can we help your patients?

Our operation

Our Track Record

What types of doctors refer to us?

Why do we use water?

How do we use water?

Land-based physical therapy

The Balance / Vestibular Program







How can we help your patients?

Core Services:
Aquatic and land-based:
Orthopedic and neurological Rehabilitation
Vestibular Testing and Therapy

Special Services:
Occupational Therapy
Special needs pediatric water safety and swim instruction.
Adult Obesity Program


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Our operation:


  1. You will know if your patient followed through with your recommendation of aquatics when you receive their plan of care.
  1. You will be apprised of their plan and progress on a frequent basis, from evaluation through discharge.
  1. Our concierge desk makes it easy for your patients to schedule follow-up visits to your office.

The tools we use:

A double “endless pool” with a patient lift, Variable temperature, and an automated air and water quality system.

“First degree” water drive machines for landside therapeutic exercise.

A typical array of machines for various modalities such as; Electro stimulation, ultrasound, combo, Hi/Lo tables, Cable systems, cold laser, etc.

A “VT” balance plate with audio testing capabilities and computer generated reporting.

Computer generated Evaluation, and note system.



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Our Track Record:

We are proud of our track record because it’s real.

2004    Discharged / met goals:  91%
            Discharged / Plateau:  2%
            Discharged / Non Compliant patient 3%
            Discharged / Insurance capped 4%

2005    Discharged / met goals:  92%
            Discharged / Plateau:  3%
            Discharged / Non Compliant patient 3%
            Discharged / Insurance capped 2%

2006    Discharged / met goals:  96%
            Discharged / Plateau:  2%
            Discharged / Non Compliant patient 1%
            Discharged / Insurance capped 1%


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What types of doctors refer to us?

Family Practice 
Internal medicine
Occupational and Industrial medicine
Orthopedic surgery
Physical Medicine
Pulmonary Disease
Sports Medicine

We invite doctors to consider aquatics, the oldest modality on earth, for patients needing improved strength, function and comfort.


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Why do we use water?

Remember Archimedes? His principle states that; “a body immersed in a fluid is buoyed up by a force equal to the weight of the displaced fluid.”

A 200-pound person in a pool submersed to C5 weighs approximately 20 pounds while in the water. “Physics is our best friend”.

Weight bearing on the lower extremities and spine is significantly reduced while in water, enabling patients to move and work better because the pain is virtually gone.  The control process is accelerated in water because most patients we see can perform tasks not otherwise achievable on land.

For most patients a warm pool is the superficial pain buffer needed to get our work done, however patients who are suffering from various neurological conditions such as RSD, and MS require a cool pool to provide comfort while buoyant.  We know the difference and have a system for accommodating all examples. That is one of the many benefits of being a smaller high performance facility.


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How do we use water?

While in the aquatic mode of treatment, we address ROM, Balance and coordination, strength, core development and aerobic conditioning. Our therapists are required to get wet with the patient, for both application and safety reasons.


From day one, we are working toward getting functional response on land.  Very seldom do we discharge someone who has not passed functional tests performed dry. As time elapses the patient is weaned off aquatics and required to measure well on land.

Under normal circumstances we eventually transfer from the aquatic program to the land-based program unless we are co-treating with another clinic with our role being exclusive aquatic intervention.


Water is only one of the tools we use in treating people. It simply breaks the vicious cycle of pain verses function. To some who will not likely regain ambulatory ability, the water is a place they can forget about life for a while and a great place for a good stretch.

To others who are recovering from injury or illness, water is a great tool for increasing structural integrity without the load stresses of their own weight.

To those suffering from chronic pain, water is the tool we prefer to use on many different levels, from helping to identifying compensatory muscle recruitment, to achieving aerobic exercise.


Our organization is a member of the Aquatic Resources Network or A.R.N.
We have made their site available to you and invite you visit them to further educate yourself on the benefits of aquatics for your patients. Please visit


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Land-based physical therapy:

In addition to aquatics we provide traditional land-based physical therapy. This is the alternative for those who do not want water and in some cases the only way we treat various conditions.

We have spared no expense in the procurement of all the tools needed to assist in care. Our therapists are focused on realistic functional training, joint and soft tissue mobilization, and structural integrity.

In all our specialties, such as Orthopedic and neurological rehabilitation, and vestibular therapy, our therapists are leaders in their field and remain dynamic in their team approach to your patients’ recovery. Your patient benefits from the collective ability of our clinic, as opposed to the abilities of just one person.

Your patient has the expertise of proven multi discipline professionals to address the core and peripheral issues that present. In addition to core services, we make available, clinical massage therapy, acupuncture and acupressure. Our concierge desk arranges these services for your patient and all activities are done on premise.


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The Balance / Vestibular Program:

We have a Vestibular Technologies balance plate for screening and evaluating people who present equilibrium and balance difficulties.  As part of our clinical evaluation, we do screen everyone over the age of 55.

We are equipped and prepared to provide treatment of true BPPV in addition to other causes of vestibular dysfunction.  Having the resources to assist the patient in all required tests in determining the cause of the vestibular condition, additional testing can be done through physicians in our referral network or yours.

We have found astounding results treating balance and coordination in water. It is a safe environment to work in and less fatigue allows more work.  However what is learned in water is practiced on land in most cases.

Please also see our patient overview regarding our Vestibular Program - Click Here

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